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George Chen


George Chen since his teens, has worked in more than a dozen restaurants before creating the James Beard award winning Betelnut restaurant in 1995. Since then, Chef Chen has created and operated 16 restaurants worldwide and now is primarily focused on the entire culinary China Live experience. Chef Chen is responsible for the creative menu development of all his restaurants and continues his mission to bring fine Chinese food to the forefront of worldwide culinary recognition.

Floyd Nunn

Floyd Nunn


At Eight Tables, chef de cuisine Floyd Nunn is defying expectations of Chinese food in more ways than one. Navigating within the vision of George Chen’s modern Chinese cuisine, Nunn has been able to push himself to new heights, working with Chinese delicacies like fish maw and sea cucumber and conceptualizing dishes outside the rules of a Western kitchen. “Cooking is such a sensual task, and when I approach a product I see it, feel it, smell it, taste it – all prior to cooking it”.